After Game Of Thrones: First Trailer to New HBO Fantasy Series Is Pretty Epic

 After the first filming of the His Dark Materials novel series, The Golden Compass, could not be very successful, HBO and BBC now try together as a series. His Dark Materials will be out in November and a first trailer will whet your appetite for more. His Dark Materials is a novel series by Auto Phillip Pullman. The story takes place in a world where every human being has a demon in animal form at his side. In addition to science, there is also a kind of magic. It's not magical, as in the Harry Potter movies, but Pullman's shamanism was magic-oriented. In addition, there are several other magical creatures besides the demons. The focus is on the girl Lyra secretly sneaking on an Arctic expedition after hearing her uncle talk about how a cosmic power called dust could have a big impact on life on Earth. But the religious group that governs humanity is hunting for it and its demon.
The series is a collaboration between HBO and BBC. 2008 came with the Golden Compass, a first film adaptation of the series in the cinemas, but could not really get a foothold. In addition to a lack of spectators, protest by the Catholic Church also led to the fact that the project, which was actually planned as a trilogy, was stopped. The works of Pullman show a clearly anticlerical attitude, which caused a lot of protest, especially in the USA. Now HBO and BBC want to do better. A first trailer already shows the elaborate CGI effects and the high-caliber cast of the series. So fans can look forward to actors like James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
When His Dark Materials starts in Germany is still unclear. In the United States, the starting date is 4 November. According to Sky, who broadcasts HBO series as usual, His Dark Materials will also be released here in the fall.

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