Disney: These four new animated films are coming

 Today, remakes and sequels at Disney seem to be especially popular. That's why films like Aladdin and Frozen 2 dominate the program. But now the mice company wants to get back to their own roots. As it became known, soon even several animated works will be published. Here you will learn everything about the new projects.
One wants to provide for more diversity in the Disney universe. That's why four brand-new animated films from the group are in the works. These do not run on the in-house streaming service Disney +, but in the cinemas. Whether all planned projects will also be films, of course, remains to be seen. Especially nowadays this is a refreshing turnaround from the previous trend. For some time, Disney seems to be mainly on real-movie remakes and sequels to overthrow. Just think of Beauty and the Beast or Malficent 2: Powers of Darkness.
In between, of course, there were also original materials such as Vaian and Zoomania. Meanwhile, the trend of the sequels but has continued again. These include Ralph Reason 2: Chaos on the Net and the long-awaited sequel The Ice Queen 2. Therefore, it is all the more exciting that already next year some completely new stories are shown. For example, the upcoming title is Raya And The Last Dragon. The film is characterized by Asian culture and lays an important foundation stone. Because the main goal of Disney with the future four projects is above all one thing: more diversity in the cinema.
For this reason, four dedicated and young filmmakers were recruited. Among them is, for example, the Iranian-American Suzi Yoonessi. She worked on the tragicomedy Unlovable with Melissa Leo and the Scooby Doo Origin story Daphne & Velma. Even Carlos López Estrada can already look back on some successes. The Mexican director has won numerous awards for his much acclaimed drama Blindspotting. He also worked as a music video director, including for Billie Eilish and George Ezra.
By contrast, Josie Trinidad has not directed anything yet. However, the young filmmaker already has a lot of experience with Disney movies. She worked as a writer and story artist on Ralph Reichts 2 and Zoomania. Marc Smith is the fourth newcomer and has been working at Disney for a long time. He animated on A Kingdom for a Llama, Tangled Rapunzel and Baymax – Giant Robowabohu.
We look forward to seeing what new releases from Disney await us. Take a look at the trailer for The Frozen 2 by then. You will find it under this text in our video player.

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